[Noisebridge-discuss] etching circuitboards the easy way, at sudoroom

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sat Jul 30 22:58:03 UTC 2016

Last tuesday at sudoroom I used the Phaser 8560 printer to print circuit 
patterns onto pyralux material (kapton coated with copper) and then etched 
them in ferric chloride.


the result was that I was able to make circuits very quickly and easily, 
even though it was the first time i did it this way.

if other people want to etch circuits at sudoroom, I can help.  email me 
if you want to coordinate.

The circuit i made was single-sided but you can do multiple layer 
circuitboards pretty easily, obviously, by putting these back-to-back.

if you wanted to be even more advanced, you could use the laser cutter to 
burn holes in the pyralux (assuming that works) and solder through those 
holes from layer to layer.

also did i mention this material is flexible like paper?  we can make 
wearables, cylindrical circuits, watches...


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