[Noisebridge-discuss] Consensus proposal: Formal ban of Jake Appelbaum.

Victoria Fierce tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Sat Jun 11 17:05:49 UTC 2016


I'm sure by now everyone has read Noisebridge's statement about Jacob


In it, is this statement we wrote:

> The public claims of sexual misconduct made against Jacob Appelbaum
are serious, above a level that can be addressed by mailing list alone.

I wholeheartedly agree.

Noisebridge needs to make it 110% clear that Jake's behavior is
unacceptable, and I feel there is a clear course of action to take that
goes far beyond posting a statement to a mailing list. As it stands,
our statement indicates that his actions fall under the purview of our
Anti-Harassment policy, though no explicit statement to that effect is
made. I want to make it completely and totally clear with a separate
statement addressing him directly.

As a capital-M Member of Noisebridge, I am proposing the following for
introduction to our Consensus process at the next Tuesday meeting:

WHEREAS: Jacob Appelbaum is a founder and former member of Noisebridge;

WHEREAS: Harassment, sexual assult, and other non-consensual behaviors
are unbecoming of a member of the Noisebridge community; and

WHEREAS: Jacob Appelbaum has demonstrated a long-term pattern of
harassment, sexual assault, and non-consensual behavior with members of
the greater hacker community; now, therefore be it

CONSENSED: Jacob Appelbaum is banned permanently from the space due to
his long-term patterns of harassment, sexual assault, and non
-consensual behavior unbecoming of a member of the Noisebridge
community. He is prohibited from entering the space or participating in
the community; and may it be

FURTHER CONSENSED: This ban is considered a safe-space ban for the
purposes of outstanding reciprocal ban agreements that Noisebridge has
established with other existing hackerspaces
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