[Noisebridge-discuss] Fix-It Hardware Repair Club this Thursday!!!

Zach R organicunity at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 14 18:26:02 UTC 2016

Yep it's back!  Join the Rich, Zach, Mike, and the rest of the gang as they journey into the heart of the circuit board in a quest to uncover the hidden shorts of the evil Electro! :P

This Thursday @ 2169 Mission Street around 6pm until 10pm (or later).  Most likely to take place at the square shaped Noisebridge Logo table by the front entrance.

It's a fun little community class where you get someone with 10+ years of experience to look at your broken junk and try to bring it back to life!

See the updated page for all the info: Noisebridge.net/fix



== What do I need to know? ==
The class is more focused on an Intermediate level for those that already know how to solder. Everyone should be welcome though, and we recommend the class on how to solder<https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Circuit_Hacking_Mondays> which happens Mondays at Noisebridge. It helps a lot to have a working knowledge of the simple components like resistors, capacitors, etc.

We will come together to share our knowledge on repairs. Some people have been doing electronic repairs for 10++ years!

Note: this is a community class and not a "free repair shop." Also know that anything you bring it has the potential to be hacked, destroyed, or manipulated in some way, so it is important that you do not bring things for which holds for you monetary, sentimental, or any other kind of value. Repairs will be chosen based on interest and whim of the class, and your project is not guaranteed to be fixed of course. It's always fun though and everyone usually at least gets to diagnose what's going on. We've repaired many things already!

Things to bring:
Your Curiosity
Something To Take Notes With
Camera or Video device for recording repair procedures / steps
Food or snacks since the class can go late sometimes

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