[Noisebridge-discuss] Meeting Notes 6/15/2016

Naomi Most pnaomi at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 17:28:56 UTC 2016

Hey there Noisebridge,

Last night we had a really good meeting. Our primary discussion around a
very sensitive Consensus proposal was enormously civil and constructive.
/end editorial


TLDR what happened at the meeting:

   - Announcements: STEAMvault, GlowCon, East Bay Forward rally, Digital
   archivists meeting on 6/23, CryptoParty at Sudo Room this Sunday, Laser
   cutter class (anybody down?), Jarrod calling for help w/ SparkleForge,
   Trent looking for Python lecturer.
   - Finances: ??? we think we're fine.
   - New members: None
   - New philanthropists: Andy
   - Consensus Items: "Jacob Appelbaum is banned permanently from the
   - Discussion Items: Host Wonderfest at Noisebridge? Help bring
   FlaschenTaschen to STEAMvault.



Naomi Theora Most
naomi at nthmost.com

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