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OK.  Let's assume Jill's refutation of the interpretation of the witnesses
is the true story -- that she was upset for her own reasons, not because of

Here's what we're left with -- that 3 people felt deeply concerned for an
upset-seeming woman's well-being who was under Jake's spotlight, when
Occam's Razor would normally have produced reasoning that chalked up her
upset-ness to something more mundane.

So then you can reason two ways about the mental state of the 3 witnesses.

1) they have, each of them, absorbed enough data in observing Jacob's
behaviors that their internal pattern-matchers were setting off warning
alarms, and they were willing to risk social awkwardness (and potential
backlash!) to save this woman a lot of trouble;


2) they were participating in a conspiracy to take down a public figure.

Here's why I'm not apt to believe #2: hackers ain't got time for this shit.


On Sat, Jun 11, 2016 at 11:17 AM, Cecilia Tanaka <cecilia.tanaka at gmail.com>

> Sorry, I can't resist more!  It's stronger than me!  :)
> Did you all read this statement?  :)
> Jill Bahring: I Was Not Assaulted by Jacob Appelbaum
> http://gizmodo.com/jill-bahring-i-was-not-assaulted-by-jacob-appelbaum-1781684838
> Quoting 'Mirimir', a voluntary collaborator of Tor Project:
> "I'd say that conspiracies among Tor Project employees and volunteers to
> force out and humiliate a key employee would be a serious matter, with
> obvious impact on Tor development.  So it's not just Jacob's behavior that
> must be reviewed.  It's also the behavior of the lynch mob.  And anyone who
> behaved dishonestly and/or recklessly in this matter needs to resign.
> There's no place in Tor Project for rapists.  But there's also no place
> there for lynch mobs."
> Tender kisses!  Sorry for my bad English!  :*
> Ceci
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> Oh, it is so lovely!  The world is really small, as I said times before!
> <3
> Joana Varon  (not Veron)  is a lovely friend of mine and we both work
> voluntarily in different groups for *women's empowerment* using technology
> in general.
> I am a bad lawyer and tell lots of bad jokes, but Joana is a famous
> researcher, famous for her intelligence and her work in the privacy area.
> I didn't know about this statement, because I am being harassed for
> several "friends" of mine and, just in case, I avoiding contact with
> everybody.  :P
> Now, my day is much more beautiful and I think I love her even more,
> haha!!  ;)
> I bcc her in this message and  -  wow!  -  Jo, I do love you!  Thank you
> for being so fair and rational in all the moments.  You are an awesome
> professional and a gorgeous person.  Thank you for being, my dear!  :*
> Have a lovely weekend, shiny happy people!  <3
> Cecilia, la la la...  Yep, always "cecilying", Jo!  :D
> On Jun 11, 2016 2:26 PM, "carlo von lynX" <lynX at time.to.get.psyced.org>
> wrote:
>> FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saturday 11th June 2016
>> We, the undersigned, are a group of women who have been friends,
>> colleagues, co-workers or partners of Jacob "Jake" Appelbaum over many
>> years.
>> We have decided that we must speak out due to the nature of this
>> coordinated and one-sided attack on his character and work. It has become
>> clear the mainstream media are unwilling to fact-check, and only too
>> willing to persist in spreading uncorroborated and unfalsifiable rumor.
>> This statement is to give our positive experiences with Jake from our
>> first-hand, long-term perspectives, over many public and private situations.
>> We do not claim to know what happened in precise situations that we were
>> not present for, and we do not want to trivialise and minimise any pain
>> that may have been caused. But we are observing – beyond the allegations,
>> that are not for us to comment on specifically – an egregious character
>> assassination is being played out with numerous defamations online and
>> offline. This is not how the truth can be determined, or justice for anyone
>> done, whether law enforcement is to be trusted or not.
>> We would like to state that our experiences with Jake are different than
>> what is often being portrayed. We know Jake to be a kind, loyal and
>> dedicated person. We do understand Jake can be outspoken and provocative
>> regarding a number of issues – which can come across as offensive –
>> however, we have never found Jake to be as is being alleged.
>> We are not apologists for any genuine wrongdoing, and as women working in
>> this community we know that there are struggles around sexism. However,
>> simple punitivism is not how the human rights that we all defend should be
>> enforced or framed.
>> We believe that an open and evidence-based discussion in this situation
>> is necessary to allow our community to develop better processes to handle
>> any allegations. Furiously targeting one person without allowing for proper
>> fact analysis will never solve the bigger structural problem that has been
>> highlighted. We should use this moment to grow and make things better, not
>> destroy the movement and create divisions. We need to create a channel for
>> discussions on how to make things better.
>> We stand in solidarity with Jake against the way this is being handled
>> and on the side of justice for all, in hope the truth on all sides will be
>> able to come to light in a rational and constructive manner.
>> Renata Avila, Human Rights Lawyer
>> Susan Benn, Artist
>> Cathleen Berger, Policy Advisor
>> Geraldine de Bastion, Policy Expert
>> Annegret Falter, Political Scientist
>> Marie Gutbub, Journalist
>> Sarah Harrison, Journalist
>> Christy Lange, Writer
>> Isik Mater, Infosec Specialist
>> Angela Richter, Theatre Director
>> Felicity Ruby, PhD Candidate
>> Joana Veron, Lawyer
>> The initial signatories to this statement (named above) have opened an
>> email address to receive additional
>> signatories as well as any other constructive comments.
>> Email: dueprocess at riseup.net
>> Key ID: 3D1CEF58
>> Key Fingerprint: 2A1D 7685 7AF0 ADD5 F3E5 D5B0 748C FAE0 3D1C EF58
>> https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/2858953/Statement-Appelbaum-11-06.pdf
>> https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/2858953/Statement-Appelbaum-11-06.txt
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