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When I said I wasn't going to address her statement, I thought it was clear I was referring to substance of it, as I don't think it's at all appropriate to question her experience of that night.

But she then goes from a description of what happened to pondering that a bunch of women are lying about being assaulted.  That's ridiculously inappropriate, and she should be ashamed of telling other women that they're lying about being assaulted.

Again, by her OWN STATEMENT, these three witnesses did in fact see her distressed for personal reasons and Jake physically coming on to her as she desperately tried to find her missing bag.  Without the context she knew, it's easy to see how someone witnessing this would come to a different conclusion.  Especially if you knew Jake and his patterns of behavior.

It's disgusting to take the account from three people who acted reasonably and appropriately and use it to try and discredit victims of sexual assault.  For this to be a "smear campaign", it's an amazing coincidence that three people publicly identified themselves with the original story, and that the subject of the incident would then be able to come forward and confirm what they saw and their actions.

Almost all of the other accounts of assault or inappropriate behavior are based on first-hand accounts.  Many of the accounts are anonymous.  If you can't understand why anonymity matters, look around at all the responses here and elsewhere.  If you were a victim, who had been violated by a person who was popular, would you want to have a thousand people demanding that you carefully explain the details of your violation to them in order to convince a stranger that it happened?  And then, with that continuous humiliation where you just made intimate details of your life public record, deal with the personal attacks from people insisting that you must be wrong.

Even the sensationalist media world we live in does NOT name victims of sexual violence, and does NOT provide real graphic accounts of such assaults.
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 On 06/11/2016 01:19 PM, brianhenderson474 at yahoo.com wrote:
> I don't want to address [Bähring's] statement ... it's not my place. ...

> And I'm sorry Jill, but it's hugely inappropriate to "wonder" that victims are making up stories just because three good samaritans thought they saw someone being violated and intervened in a very tactful way...

Indirect address is still address. :)

Anyway. These appear the last two paragraphs of Bähring's public statement:

"Reading this highly distorted version of my experience, which is being
used as one of the “bulletproof examples” of Jacob’s alleged
misbehavior, I can’t help but wonder.

Wonder about all the stories that have been published the last days.
Wonder not only about mob justice on twitter, caused by rumors and
speculation, but also about the accounts repeated by those who call
themselves journalists.
Wonder about how many other stories have been willingly misinterpreted.
Wonder about the witnesses in all these stories, who coincidentally
always seem to consist of the same set of people.
Wonder about their motive to speak on my behalf without my consent."

I have a different, substantially more charitable read on those words,
especially given the prevalence of Internet Outrage Culture, which is
fueled in part by the unending Quest for Clicks. If you'd care to read
the entire statement, it appears to be accessible here:


Anyway. Here's hoping all significantly harmed parties are made whole.

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