[Noisebridge-discuss] Join us for Five Minutes of Fame! Thursday, 8pm.

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Five Minutes of Fame is now back!  Ten 5-minute talks in an hour.  Come see Noisebridge's most popular event.  All are welcome!  Friends, family, lovers, acquaintances, squares, hipsters, geeks, needs, dorks, veterans, first-timers.  All are welcome!

Do you have something, anything, interesting to say?  There are still 4 slots open for giving a talk on the topic of your choosing!  Demo a project.  Share your travel experience.  Give your perspective on being an introverted geek in an extroverted world.  Talk about the project you wanna make.  All of the above, or more (or less).  You have 5 minutes to do with as you like!


See you this Thursday!


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Five Minutes of Fame is a series of ten, five minute lightning talks from the Noisebridge and San Francisco community. 5mof is an entertaining, fast paced event that should run about an hour. Click here<https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Five_Minutes_of_Fame_2016_12_01> to see the list of speakers and titles.

Previous 5 minute talks have included things like: "Controlling Flame Effects with MIDI and the Web", "Python book for kids", "C-41 Process: How Color Film Works".<https://noisebridge.net/Five_Minutes_of_Fame#Past_5MoFs>

Come to this event if you're up to hearing awesome people talk about the projects or ideas that has captivated their attention recently.

Where is it?

2169 Mission St, San Francisco<http://maps.google.com/?q=2169+Mission+Street,+94110> (Third Floor)

2 blocks South of 16th & Mission BART

When is it?

December 1st, 2016 8-9pm

Why is it cool?

  *   It's great for people who are interested in what's going on at Noisebridge. No need to sit through long lectures.
  *   Some people are working on projects that are not ready for a full 30 minute or hour long talk, but they want to get their ideas out.
  *   Some people are shy to public speaking and want to practice without giving an "official" conference talk, which can be daunting. This is a great way to try it out, in a community of peers.

Why should you on the announce list come?

This is the time and place to see what your SF hacker community is investing their cycles in.

Want to present?

Add your name and talk title on the events page: https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Five_Minutes_of_Fame_2016_12_01<https://noisebridge.net/Five_Minutes_of_Fame>

Who to contact?

jeremy.llewellyn at gmail.com<mailto:jeremy.llewellyn at gmail.com>

Other questions?

All this information and more @ https://noisebridge.net/Five_Minutes_of_Fame
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