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These are the notes from the [
https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Category:Meeting_Notes The XXXth Meeting
of Noisebridge].
Date: 2017-01-31
Note-taker: Drew
Moderators: Nathan A.

== Meeting Summary ==
TLDR what happened at the meeting:
* Mini-Reboot is February 18th-19th!
* Noisebridge has a lot of money, but it's not really a lot!
* Lizzie wants to become a member!
* There are no consensus items!

= Introductions =

lol whoops i (Drew) missed a bunch of introductions.

* Mo - first time visitor
* Peter - visiting from Belfast
* ?
* Marc - visiting from Belfast
* ?
* John - treasurer stuff
* Mitch - cofounder of Noisebridge
* Marco - online advisor to help beginner learn programming (and in the
future: everything) - InLe
* Trent - helping with Sparkleforge
* Darryl - Does robots and teaches laser cutter.
* Henner - Makes programs
* Jeremy - Does software, runs 5MOF
* Dee - Teaching himself C for complexity studies, interested in social
* Miloh - haven't been to a meeting in about a year -- attending hw hacking
at sudoroom on tuesdays instead
* Alexander, not Alex - Loves making stuff, wants to bring his inventors.
* Lizzie - Thinks about security and the future.
* Victoria Fierce - A literal house
* Sam - Does lights and music.
* Hannah - Laser cutters and CNC machines and also programs no.
* Drew - Works in Distributed systems and cares about leftism
* Jeff - Interested in Security AND Lights & Music
* Jarrod - Makes furniture.
* J - Teaches Circuit Hacking Mondays
* Blake - crypto and labor
* Lee - Jet-lagged. Working on distributed systems at noisebridge as
* Amanda - with a company called acidvr.com looking to host a workshop in
live DIY Virtual Reality Music.
* James
* Jarvis - Does android stuff, is working on a game.
* Jonas - builds things with electronics, specifically on ESP Wifi devices
* Johan - builds software.

= Short announcements and events =

Lizzie is hosting the next 5MOF. 5MOF is weekly but also monthly. 5MOF
monthly meetings are the 3rd Thursday. This week, you can go to the website
* 5mof.com!
* Feb 16 - Five Minutes of Fame, no dudes!

Alexander - Runs a meetup group called Modern Inventors. Once every 2 weeks
to talk about inventions. Used to meet at Muddy's (?) but they want to meet
here. They want to have the meeting in 2 weeks on Monday at 6:30.
* Mondays are busy
* Church was something on Mondays and now it's Python class.
* Maybe Turing is free?
* Check the meetup page, which is a good

J - in a couple of weeks, it's REBOOT TIME
* MINIREBOOT MINIREBOOT (poster attached)
* February 18th and 19th
* Show up to help!
* During the reboot, hacking is allowed on the space itself only

* May 19th-21st
* Probably not gonna be a big noisebridge project, but contact
hicksu at gmail.com if you want to show off your stuff
* #fabrication on slack could coordinate a big project

* Wants to do an Arduino for Total Newbies Workshop at the end of February
* Mitch can teach 50 people and this will FILL UP the space, probably on a
* 3.5 hours of soldering and arduino fun

* Next monday at 7 in church
* Noisebridge Python on websockets in flask
* Gareth will be talking


= Safe Space =

Some specific points you might prompt the group to touch on, if it doesn't
happen naturally:
* What to do if you feel uncomfortable.
* Noisebridge strives to be radically inclusive. What does that mean?
* Noisebridge has an antiharassment policy. What does that mean?

Victoria talks about safe space:
* The last 11 days have been really super anxious and stressful for a lot
of people.
* Noisebridge tries to be a safe space, both physical and psychological:
** Physical as in use PPE, be safe, and add the 3 laws of robotics to your
** Psychological as in everyone should feel empowered to hack on what they
want to hack.
** Try not to bother people in thier work.
** Try to let people prepare themselves before you bring up sensitive
topics like violence and abuse.
* If you feel like Noisebridge is being unsafe:
** In slack, go into #space-guardians and ask for help, and people will help
** A trusted Noisebridger may also help
** If you doubt yourself, someone can double-check your gut feeling (your
gut is probably right).

* One of the big modes of alienation of women here is when well-intentioned
guys are over-helpful and way too friendly.
* Tone it down and don't pay loads of attention to a girl.

Mitch: the Code of Conduct is posted on the wall to remind people of our

= Participation =

* The bottom line is anybody, ANYBODY, can come into Noisebridge to hack
and teach and work. The only rule is to be excellent to each other.
* If you want access to the space, know people and be involved. If people
notice your positive presence, you may be offered access.
* J likes to give access to people who are really involved in CHM.
* If you want 24/7 access, you might become a philanthorpist (sp?)
* If you REALLY want to participate, you can become a member!

= [[Philanthropist|Philanthropists]]=

* Being a philanthropist is a lot like being a normal member of the
community except in return for a bit of a bigger participant, you get 24
hour access.
* Recommend donation $80/mo, $40/mo starving hacker.
* Philanothropists can come and go as they please and can close up the
space past 10.

* To become a philanthropist:
** Fill out a form in the binder, and it'll be read out at a Tuesday
meeting if you're sponsored.
** If anybody dissents to you being a philanthropist, they can block it.
** If you're un-excellent, your philanthropy can be REVOKED.


= [[ Membership Binder ]] =

* An indicator of increased commitment and responsibilty.
* As part of this commitment, you have more of an obligation to Noisebridge.
* You're also part of Consensus:
** If things might be wrong in the space, you can change things but you
should talk to people before you impact the space.
** If you want to do a big thing, you can go through big-C Consensus, which
is a Process for if things might impact Noisebridge forever.
** If you disagree with some Consensus Proposal, you can Block it, which
means it won't happen.

Lizzie has an application in to be a member!
Lizzie says:
* Wants to be a member b/c they feel more commitment and responsibility to
the space.
* If something bad would have happened, they would have just left, but now
stick around and fix it, which is a change.

* Was a member, but it lapsed because they didn't "hiatus".
* Has been a philanthropist for a year

= Financial Report =
* Funds in bank: $83,972.01
* Noisetor (See the bulletpoints at the bottom of
* Any other details by those participating in handling our financials
Join us in #finance-wg in Slack
around $5,000 per month operating expenses
We cashed out $19,417.14 in Noisetor Bitcoins recently, and got at least
one $500 check for Noisetor. Lots of online donations also tagged with
I plan to doöcratically transfer a lot of our cash reserves into a higher
yield savings account that’s FDIC insured. We can get at least 1% annual
return. With our current bank total that’s a bunch of money.
We have $8,643.25 left in the equipment fund. Help us spend this money! If
you raise half the money for a piece of equipment, the equipment fund can
match you for the other half.
Treasurer goals: We want to buy the building. But how? We dunno. Talks are
I think we have < $200 in laser maintenance
Discussion of buying the building was supposed to be at 7 but now it's some
other time.

= Consensus =

* Lizzie's description was good.
* NB has 2 forms of consensus, both decision making processes
* Big-C Consensus is the more procedural one. We talk about your thing and
talk about it and talk about it and if nobody dissents it Becomes So
* Little-c consensus is more day-to-day. For example, if you want to paint
a wall, you ask around. Talk to people and figure out the best process
* Ties in with doocracy. If you want to do a thing, do it.
* Little-c items are un-doable.
* You might not even realize your part of consensus, but you are.

* You can do anything at noisebridge, member or not. Membership only brings
you 2 things: 24 access and BLOCKING
* During Big-C the item is discussed greatly and then
* BLOCKING in Big-C means if things get out of control (which should not
happen!) then someone (a member in good standing!) can BLOCK a proposal.
* "As a member of Noisebridge, I can't in good conscious allow this
proposal to proceed"
* If people might be dissenting, talk it out.

* A good example of consensus proposal was the recent Fiscal Sponsorship,
which was withdrawn because it wasn't time yet, but now there's more
discussion about it!

Mitch: An exception to the blocking thing:
* If someone is up to be a member of noisebridge, and any Member in Good
Standing objects,  the protomember is NOT a member, with NO GOOD REASON
needed, because being a Member gives a bunch of rights under California
Nonprofit Law

== [[ Consensus Items History | Proposals from last week ]] ==
== [[ Current Consensus Items | Proposals for next week ]] ==

= Discussion =

J - Noisebridge MINI-REBOOT as above!
* Prep work on 17th
* We can spill into Monday if we want!
* The main thing to talk about is if you want to participate, go onto the
website and click on the MINI-REBOOT link.
* There is a list of items that need fixing.
* If you want to participate but don't want to participate, you can bring
food and drinks.
* tman66 at gmail.com or j on slack or @circuithackingj on twitter.
* Things for discussion require cash:
** Curtains - Kyle has offered to find nice curtains:
*** donate.noisebridge.net/projects/curtains - we need 119 dollars
* UPS Support for Earl (Access Control) is needed
* Sparkleforge needs a door-casing (sp?)
* 220v Outlet
* Roof leaks
* Install CO sensors (Mitch: which arrived today!)
* Fix the Noisebridge table.
* #mini-reboot on slack
* Victoria - is the TODOocracy still happening on Thursdays? Victoria can't
run it anymore:
** Who knows what TODOocracy? Nobody!
** Noisebridge used to have a SCRUM every week to fix up the space!
** Milo wants to see it happen again!
* There's a link on the wiki.
* Very Very Important to get rid of junk. If you have a TRUCK-SHAPED OBJECT
or access to a TRUCK-SHAPED OBJECT, we REALLY need one.
* Mitch wants to give context:
** Minireboot is annual since the REBOOT, which was not MINI
** 4 years ago Noisebridge was spiraling downword for a number of reasons
** Lots of people who didn't belong started showing up and Noisebridge
ended up a flop-house.
**  People who DID belong here had to deal with shit, sometimes literally.
** There are interesting stories on the 86 page.
** NB nearly disappeared because bad people gonna bad.
** As a last ditch before everyone just threw in the towel, the place was
shut down and rebuilt, and it fixed things.
** Having a mini-reboot every year is to keep things together and help keep
Noisebridge healthy.
** Implicitly, we've been talking about the "cultural immune system". New
people to the space get a tour, for example, to learn what the space is
** Noisebridge culture is passed on this way, and mini-reboot is an annual
celebration of that.

O Happy Day has figured out how to use Postmates and NB is getting
misdeliveries, which for some reason we are not immediately eating.
Maybe make them a sign/logo/thing?

Next Thursday on Feb 9 7pm TODOocracy
#to-do-ocracy on slack?

* If the wiki went away forever, how would you feel?
* Negatively, says the room.

Property Planning Map:
* http://propertymap.sfplanning.org/
* You can look up 2169 Mission Street
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