[Noisebridge-discuss] GSM Anomaly Detection Workshop

Ashley Wilson ash.d.wilson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 07:08:33 UTC 2017

It was really nice meeting y'all (some for the second time) at the Tuesday

I've posted the date for the GSM anomaly detection workshop (Sunday, March
26th) on the wiki, so now it's just a matter of (me) doing the prep work
and coordination... and the participants grabbing the gear.  I left plenty
of lead time in case Amazon/Adafruit gets weird with stock availability.

Feel free to ask questions in this thread, or drop them in the Gitter
channel (https://gitter.im/sitch-io/Lobby).

To make sure we have enough switch ports for everyone, what's a good way to
get a headcount?  Eventbrite?  Meetup?  Am I overthinking it?

Thanks again for the warm welcome.  I'll be in the space on and off, so
I'll be seeing you around!

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