[Noisebridge-discuss] 16 x 20 studio/lab/workshop available in West Berkeley (fwd)

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sat Jun 17 00:53:17 UTC 2017

Excellent location and private and quiet space with crazy amount of natural
light (half the ceiling is skylight!)  OSH hardware, Urban Ore, Berkeley Bowl,
Discount Fabrics, Walgreens all right next door, easy access from I-80, easy


$450 / month including utilities (reasonable electrical use, gigabit-class
internet, trash).  24 hour access, but space is intended for day use only,
living definitely not permitted.

Ideal use is art, electronics, office, etc.  No heavy fabrication please.
Optional access to large open 2-story area for occasional large projects.

Email for details or if you'd like to come visit!
"(-pEEf-)" <peef at mindfart.com>

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