[Noisebridge-discuss] Company offsite at Noisebridge

jim jim at well.com
Mon Jun 19 18:07:41 UTC 2017

     by "comnpany off site" do you mean one day
they want to use the space?
* more than one day?
* which hours?
* which day?
* will they want to use one of the classrooms?
* other info

On 06/18/2017 01:35 AM, Ruth Grace Wong wrote:
> Someone at a large tech company (with at least one employee who is a 
> regular member at the space) is inquiring about having a company off 
> site at Noisebridge, including a laser training class. They are of 
> course willing to donate money. This would not exclude other people 
> from being in the space at the same time.
> The person wants this to happen because Noisebridge is a great 
> resource quite close to the company, and it would be good for other 
> co-workers to be introduced to the space. Some of them have expressed 
> interest in laser cutting already.
> If you have qualms about a company off site at Noisebridge please let 
> me know within the week (by June 24). If I hear nothing I will proceed 
> with getting this organized.
> Thanks,
> Ruth
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