[Noisebridge-discuss] Broken Elevator Incident and Ideas for Improvement

Revolt revoltrightnow at gmail.com
Sun Jun 25 06:09:03 UTC 2017

Thanks for reporting some more details on what happened.

It is helpful even if there are some differences in the reports I
heard directly from others who were there.

*From what I understand it was the police that clearly broke the
elevator by activating a safety release mechanism of sorts.  This
seems more plausible to me and it sounds like the person inside could
have easily failed to close the inside gate all the way, which is
often the case for its malfunction.

*Someone present (who will remain nameless but is welcome to chime in)
told me that the police definitely had weapons drawn (an assault rifle
or shotgun - not "just a pistol")

The pictures of a swarm of police also tell this story pretty clearly
and that things got out of hand.  I am suspicious of how the call was
made and what was said to them to incur such a rash showing of large
numbers of law enforcement for a single unarmed person stuck in an

These incidents keep happening and the reply is always a calm "well,
we did the best we could!  The person was being unexcellent!"  I think
there is more we can do as a community and there are resources and
knowledge we can share with each other.

That is very unexcellent behavior to take someone's glasses of course.
But incidents like this keep happening where minor things (usually
involving someone with a mental handicap) are /greatly/ escalated to
police involvement.  NB has a long pattern of this and I think its
high time we got together and hacked up some ideas for better
communication.  I mean, is anyone interested in a de-escalation
hackathon workshop at all?  It would be nothing but a positive benefit
to the space and I see no reason it could hurt anyone.


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