[Noisebridge-discuss] Quick Circuit 5000 CNC board etcher in SparkleForge

Jake jake at spaz.org
Tue Mar 21 02:31:54 UTC 2017

Hi noisebridge,

I noticed you have a Quick Circuit 5000 circuitboard etcher in the SparkleForge
machine shop, along with some homemade breadboard electronics to drive it.

Seeing as you already have an Othermill set up to mill circuitboards, i'm not
surprised nobody has set up this machine, and it might be a challenge to do so.

I would like to borrow the machine over to sudoroom, and set it up there so
that both hackerspaces have a good way to mill circuitboards.  Presently
sudoroom only has a really crappy MyDIYCNC machine which is unbelievably
horrible.  It's like a crappy plastic dremel attached to a milk crate with
zip-ties and is definitely not usable for carving circuitboards (we've tried)

By the way, people should know that Sudoroom now has a CHMT-36 pick&place
machine which actually works, so it's a great place to come to assemble your
boards robotically.  Soon we'll have a 3D printer set up with a solder paste
dispenser for that step.

so Noisebridge, what do you say about the Quick Circuit 5000?


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