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Please take a look at the email below.  There was a PDF which was too big to forward for our mail system, but do you think Noisebridge can use any of the chairs, shelves, desks, and display racks, and other stuff from a defunct downtown San Francisco Radio Shack ?  Or, if you know any non-profits that might want any of it?


From: maria crossley <riacrossley at yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 3:23:44 PM
To: treasurer at noisebridge.net
Subject: Donation Inquiry

I recently spoke with Benica Marketplace and they said you might be interested in items I would like to donate to a non-profit organization.

Radio Shack recently vacated a space I own on Sansome St, San Francisco and left the all the store fixtures, see attached photos. Would you be interested in these items and if so do you have the capability to move the items from the store? As you can see from the photos the fixtures look relatively new.

Benica Marketplace were able to make use of such fixtures from their local Radio Shack store and have made them in to interesting, useful pieces. They said San Francisco is too far for them to pick up and subsequently thought you might be interested.

If you are not interested in the items do you know of any other organization that could use them. I have phoned many of the large charities and they only want household items. The items are too good to waste.

Let me know what you think,
Maria Crossley

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