[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge-discuss Digest, Vol 120, Issue 7

William Shockley williamshockley758 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 02:49:33 UTC 2017

> When Noisebridge began,
> it was an experiment which no one was sure would last (New Hack City
> imploded and part of it's drama is why we structured our governance

New Hack City imploded directly from heavy drug use by its members.

> Honestly I was a bit amazed Noisebridge outgrew 83c,
> and downright flabbergasted it made it to its 10 year anniversary.
> Particularly given that one of its most vocal cofounders,
> Jake, has been implicated in international scandals,

Thank you for reminding me that Jake is implicated in an international
scandal.  I had almost forgotten.

> and Adam J. O'Donnell (javaman) who claimed to have
> come up with the name, has since been determined to be an avowed FBI
> informant.

[citation needed]

> I still think Noisebridge has fallen far short of C-base which inspired it

Noisebridge is doing great, thanks for asking.

This is my snarky way of asking you why you're framing an almost
reasonable screed about how Noisebridge should dream big and buy a
building and become landed gentry, with ancient hackerspace drama,
Jacob, and unproven FBI informant allegations.

If you're truly interested in helping NB buy a more permanent home, I
suggest you ask around on the IRC channel, or show up in the space and
get access to the Slack (I dunno why we're using Slack but that's the
way it is).

There's a working group on the Slack working on funding big dreams.
I'm sure they'd welcome your input.

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