[Noisebridge-discuss] Cool stuff needs new home. Make Play Day

Kent K Barnes kentkb at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 4 22:23:25 UTC 2018

Hello!My name is Kent Barnes, and for many years I ran 'Make Play Day' at the Maker Faire Bay Area. 
Perhaps some of you came out to play? I will be getting rid of my public storage bunker here in SF just off Cesar Chavez/Army street. 
 Mostly electronic parts pieces and laptops computer parts.One person's treasure could be another person's treasure? 
The stuff is just way to cool for the landfill.
Looking to donate free to some lucky person or place.I will have everything boxed up and easy to move.Let me know any thoughts.
Thank you and Cheers!Kent Barneskentkb at yahoo.com

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