[Noisebridge-discuss] PC Diagnosis-What am I missing?

Manveru manveruandave at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 01:08:46 UTC 2018

I was wondering if someone could help me figure out what's wrong with my
PC I built.

Below I have a link to the build on PCpartpicker so you can have the
full spec of the hardware. _Basically my PC is rebooting intermittently._

I dual boot with Ubuntu 16.04 and Win10, and it does it in both so I
know it's not software, virus, or OS related. due to some suggestions, I
removed the M.2 drive and reinstalled my OS's on a new PNY SDD which I
purchased to try to fix the problem; it didn't help. As a side note, it
worked fine for over a year.

I then discovered my RAM had memtest error, I filled an RMA and replaced
it. The problem kept going, so I used memtest again and no, the new RAM
is good.

My motherboard's North-bridge reportedly gets hot so I have a ton of
fans to keep it cool (while not voiding my warranty and upgrading the
heat sinks). I decide that might be it, RMA'd the MB and got a new
board, I still have the same problem.

I explain this all to AMD and they RMA'd me a new Processor with a
bigger stock cooler (ignore what I have down as the CPU cooler on the
part list) which I intend to use because both AMD and AsRock say using
something else voids the warranty which I'm glad I haven't). By the way
I've monitored the temps, and it doesn't get near unacceptable levels
before or after. No, I'm not over clocking anything either.

The problem has persisted. It's not the PCI -USB C card as I have
experienced the problem with it in and with out it. I have checked for
faults in my switches on the case to make sure it's not shorting the
power or reset switch causing a reboot that way everything checked out.

_The only parts I have left to RMA is the GPU and PSU. Ideas on what
else to look at? Or how to figure out which component is causing this so
I can get it RMA'd?_ I don't have a spare known GPU or PSU laying around
that's compatible.

Here's my part list. https://pcpartpicker.com/b/qvpbt6

Thanks so much in Advance, I've been battling with this thing (and
waiting for shipping) since September.


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