[Noisebridge-discuss] Laser Cutter Computer UPGRADED!

Revolt revoltrightnow at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 08:53:56 UTC 2018

It has finally happened, after warnings at meetings and in-person
threats of grand proportions, the Laser Cutter PC is now more
excellent than ever before.

Upgraded from a shit-tastic Core2 with a (awesome but) poorly
ventilated case and buggy, unlicensed OS to a wopping Core i7 with
16GB RAM in a kickass real case with a proper OS (windows 7).

Video card install almost done and it will be able to pack a punch
when thats ready. (ENGTX560 )

Barracuda HS, 7200 rpm installed.  SSD addition / donation would be
most welcome.
Old drive with ALL FILES is still there, renamed to "Old Laser Drive"

Also installed Inkscape, RDWorks of course, and other small software
bits.  Please contact me to let me know what else you want on the
system (yes, there is a password for admin to keep from tampering)

*please dont install updates*- I want to keep this computer running
fast like it is :)

login like usual with old pass via "Laser-Guest"

I also updated the laser wiki with some crucial install infos.

**Note** if you have a problem with this upgrade, please contact me
off-list to have an in-person talk at NB.  Im willing to work with
people and put software and other needed items on there.  Ive just
been working on this for 4 hours today and am exhausted now so I cant
finish it all.  But RDWorks is going and you can cut things.

To Do: put up some signage about use time, care, cleanup, etc.

Sparkleforge room was a enormous mess. Bernice, Kevin, Blake and
others spent hours cleaning it up tonight!  Please remind new people
to clean up after themsleves and **Huge Thanks** to those that helped
make this all happen :) :) :)

also **Huge Thanks to Andy** for donating this amazing new computer!!

OK thats all for now,

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