[Noisebridge-discuss] New Noisebridge server / upgraded wiki. Spot the bugs

Patrick O'Doherty p at trickod.com
Mon Jan 15 02:29:51 UTC 2018

Hey folks,

Ben Kochie and I today moved Noisebridge to a new server and in the process
upgraded the version of mediawiki that we're running to the latest LTS

We've done our best to test changes that we've made, but there was a bunch
of stuff to move and it's possible that we've missed things and left small
bugs in our wake. If you do find any of them please reply here and I'll do
my best to fix them in the coming days.

The new host is deployed using ansible, and you can find the source code
for these playbooks on Github[0]



[0] - https://github.com/noisebridge/ansible
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