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Anina Net2 anina2 at 360fashion.net
Mon Jun 18 18:52:45 UTC 2018

Dear friends

Yesterday I cleaned up the sewing area. It was really dusty. Still there’s
an area to clean behind the book shelf and led bottle board. There was
“stuff” there though that I didn’t want to throw away. Maybe it’s yours?
Have a look and please help me ask around. It’s in marked.

I have a few requests for help:

1. If you have any of those clear plastic bins in your house - or you see
them on the street - please would you donate them to us? It doesn’t matter
if there’s no lid. I want to organize the fabric scraps. It’s a mess.

2. Do you have a Hoover (vaccume cleaner or little hand vaccume?) and you
don’t need it-would you donate it? If it’s broken maybe the fixit night
could help fix it. Sewing creates a lot of thread fluff and so I like to
Hoover and not sweep.

3. A bin - if you have a empty old bin I’ll clean it and we need one nearby
to throw threads and such into and then transfer to the bigger bin.

4. I want to give classes on fashion tech. So if you do tech or if you see
clothes and you want to team up-please contact me.

5. Can someone add me on slack

6. Seems like the noisebridge online calendar doesnt have everything
listed...there is a sewing class but it’s not on the wiki and I’ve no idea
where to find the info...

I know I can and will discuss these things on the tues meeting but for the
donations I just wanted to shout out cuz ya may have something to give away.

Thank you

Best Wishes,

If you would like to schedule a meeting please do so here:


Sign up for our crowdfunding campaign for fashion tech maker kits:

See what people are doing with our e-textile: LEDRibbon.360fashion.net
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