[Noisebridge-discuss] Discussion: the meaning of Safe Space

Robert "Finny" Merrill rfmerrill at berkeley.edu
Tue Oct 16 07:04:47 UTC 2018

I have not set foot in noisebridge in years nor have I ever been on
the nb slack but I will throw in my two cents

"safe space" is usually qualified with something it is specifically
safe for. To say a space is a safe space without additional qualifiers
doesn't really communicate much.


"This is a feminist space" -- feminism 101 discussions and arguments
vis-a-vis the merit of feminism in general are not welcome because the
space defines itself as being for feminists.

"this is a safe space for queer people" -- no telling people they're
going to hell, no Moldbug-rants about how gay people are a sign of the
downfall of society, no misgendering, no bioessentialist crap etc.

What could a "general safe space" be? I think there are a few rules
that all safe spaces have in common and they're pretty good ones:
- No gaslighting. Don't gang up on a marginalized individual with "are
you sures" and "no ways" about their personal lived experience of
- No debates about the right to exist or other human rights of people
who are present.
- don't trash other people's harmless habits or lifestyle choices
(politicial stances are not harmless)
- No fascists, I mean, that goes without saying.
On Wed, Oct 3, 2018 at 6:08 PM Naomi Most <pnaomi at gmail.com> wrote:
> Does “safe space” mean “freedom from discomfort”?
> This discussion cannot take place on Slack because it causes discomfort. So I am asking the question here.
> I would like to hear from the widest variety of perspectives on this one.  It is pertinent to the community conversation we are having tomorrow at 6pm at Noisebridge.
> Thanks for your calm consideration.
> —Naomi
> #bravespace
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