[Noisebridge-discuss] Robotic Dresses, IoT Clothing, at Connected Couture Exhibition

Anina Net2 anina2 at 360fashion.net
Sat Sep 14 09:23:53 UTC 2019

360Fashion & Tech “Connected Couture” Exhibition Sept 21-22 at
Bloomingdales SF

I would like to invite the Noisebridge Community to attend my exhibition at
Fashion Incubator San Francisco in Bloomingdale’s Sept 21-22 to see my
Robotic Dresses, IoT Clothing and my Drinkbot Robot in an interactive
exhibition. I prepared for this exhibition for many months working on my
iLLUMINATED JEWELRY and other items at Noisebridge last year and thank
Noisebridge for being part of my journey. It’s a private exhibition so
please don’t share this link or code publicly. Http://bit.ly/conncouture
code: connect360f
Best Wishes, Anina CEO / Founder 360Fashion Network @360Fashion
Wechat/Weixin: F360Net www.360fashion.net www.360fash.com www.anina.net
Make an appointment with me: http://360Fash.bookafy.com/anina-net
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