[Noisebridge-discuss] NoiseBridge on Slack + CryptoParty on Zoom?

Steve Phillips steve at tryingtobeawesome.com
Sun Apr 5 01:13:31 UTC 2020

Hey Daniel,

1. Why is *NoiseBridge using Slack (Corporate),* isn't privacy a concern?

I believe the historical reason is that, circa 2015, the people running
Noisebridge's infrastructure were overburdened and people wanted something
that would reliably be up.

I and James have set up RocketChat at https://chat.noisebridge.info/ but it
hasn't caught on. #networkeffects

RocketChat, Riot, and others didn't exist back when Noisebridge started
using Slack.

Private conversations are on Slack, and so yes, it'd be great to use
something end-to-end encrypted and open source instead.

> 2. Why is tomorrow's (2020/04/05) *NoiseBridge CryptoParty* being held
> via *Zoom*, when the party itself is about *privacy*?
> 3. Why not use their open source alternatives?

It is a public event. The way I think about this is: privacy violations
occur when information you want to be private to certain individuals is
visible to people outside of that group.

Zoom v. others was discussed internally and I encouraged Kinnard to use
Zoom for this public event because Jitsi Meet doesn't work very well at all
if you either have more than a few people joining, or even 1 person has a
slow internet connection, which is especially common in the global south.

More good is being done for the world by making the event accessible to all

If we want people to use FLOSS software then we need to (1) make it work
well and (2) financially support the people and organizations making that
software so they have the resources they need to make it work well!

--Steve Phillips
Cypherpunk and privacy activist since 2012
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