[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge-discuss Digest, Vol 148, Issue 3

Anina Net anina2 at 360fashion.net
Fri Mar 27 12:14:40 UTC 2020

Dear Noisebridge Friends,

1. I have been in China since Dec on lockdown. I have access to kn95 masks
that I have been sending all over the world to people in batches of 100
with 5-7 days shipping. I just ask that people cover the cost which is
$220. If anyone would like them please contact me at

2. *Digital Fashion Online Summit* March 28th & 29th is taking place
online: http://digitalfashion.360fashion.net
All about the opportunity of going digital for sustainability, and even
Robert Cringely will be speaking about investing and the future. Triumph of
the Nerds!

3. I want to have an online corona hackathon / thinkathon next month on the
topic of smart garments for extreme weather and virus conditions. If you
are interested in mentoring, then please contact me http://m.me/AninaDressUp

Wish you all to be safe and can't wait to come hack with you again.
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