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Oops I forgot to post the url:


On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 12:58 AM, Praveen Sinha <dmhomee at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yo all,
> My employer Linden Lab (known for their product Second Life) is undergoing
> a hiring binge right now, and are looking for a good number of developers,
> q/a people, PMs, and support staff...
> The work environment is laid back, generous wfh policy, free flowing booze,
> and lots of personal flexibility, and lots of people with a sense of humor.
> Plus, if you get hired through me, I get a phat bonus.  There is lots of
> cultural overlap between LL and NB, and there are offices in SF, MV,
> seattle, boston, brighton, and singapore.
> Anyway, if your interested, send me your resume and the positions you may
> be interested in on the url below, and if you are cool (read: mostly
> competent and not insane in a grouchy stab stab way) I will totally pimp you
> to HR and try to get you hired.
> Cheers!
> Praveen
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