[Noisebridge-jobs] this unix sysadmin needs a job...

David Stainton dstainton415 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 20:20:04 UTC 2009

hi i need a new job...

I'm 28 years old, born in San Francisco....
I'm ending my employment relationship with spinn3r.com (a search
engine for blogs..);
I'll be working for spinn3r.com for a couple more weeks open sourcing
various bits of useful
Python code. These programs primarily automate Mysql maintenance tasks such as
slave promotion, LVM hotcopy...

I previously have thrown some stuff over the fence:


But I should be releasing updated versions and lots more little
utilities in the next couple weeks.

Having worked for Spinn3r.com for over a year has led me to learn lots about
the Linux kernel memory subsystems, databases and storage...
Unfortunately the brief resume entries don't do justice to my work

The prospect of working for another really cool employer who is keen
on open sourcing
software appeals to me very much. Its what I hope to do more of in my
free time anyway...
Lately I've been learning to write apps with the GnuRadio api and it's fun!

My friend and I are collaborating to write a covert wireless data
protocol using the GnuRadio api + USRP :




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