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Fri Nov 6 02:23:46 UTC 2009

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On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 4:04 PM, Reed Kennedy <reed at notfine.com> wrote:
> Save the world from an office chair.
> -Us- The Pachamama Alliance is the Voltron of non-profits. By day we
> fight for the rights of the indigenous Achuar people of the Amazon
> rainforest. Then we transform into a worldwide crusader, working to
> wake first-world people up and get them to stop trashing the joint.
> Learn more about us: www.awakeningthedreamer.org and www.pachamama.org
> -You- You will have noticed one of those sites sucks. We're working on
> that. We need help. We've got a top designer tackling the design, and
> that means it's content time!
> -The Gig- Your technical title will be Online Content Manager. If you
> can come up with a better title, you can have that one too.
> This stunning work will be yours to do:
> 1) Light tech writing. We use BitTorrent to distribute large files
> online. You get to write up pages explaining how to download 'em.
> Perhaps articles on posting videos to Vimeo and that sort of thing as
> well.
> 2) Basic HTML. You'll take our content and plug it into Joomla and/or
> Wordpress while making it look damn fine. You'll also maintain our
> wiki.
> 3) Copywriting. Do you kick ass at connecting with people via the
> magical power of the written word? Making folks think? Getting 'em
> fired up? For the right person, there will be opportunities to create
> content for our site and possibly blog for us. Got that fire in you?
> Get in touch.
> -Mandatory Awesome-
> If you're gonna rock this Casbah, then:
> HTML: You two are friends. It's not awkward.
> Wikis: Come naturally to you.
> CMS: You will not ask me what that means.
> Torrents: You can find me a copy of Watchmen without going to Blockbuster.
> Writing: It is the heavy metal to your inner Jack Black.
> Google: It is how you avoid asking dumb questions.
> -Extra Credit Awesome-
> Previous web work: You have a portfolio, and you can show it to me
> without blushing.
> Blog: You have one. You've updated it sometime this year.
> The Movement: You're so excited by the prospect of getting paid to
> save the rainforest that it makes you kind of uncomfortable.
> Pay is $15-20 an hour depending on experience. Currently part time,
> about 20 hours a week. If you sit still, keep quiet, and wait to be
> told what to do, that is likely how it will remain. However, if you
> roll up your sleeves and make the excellent reality, there's room to
> grow.
> Send me your resume and / or other powerful proof that you are
> amazing: reed at pachamama.org
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