[Noisebridge-jobs] Mock interviews

Lamont Lucas lamont at cluepon.com
Fri Oct 23 17:49:15 UTC 2009

I've overheard and talked with people at noisebridge who are looking for 
work but frustrated by being "out interviewed".  Their resume and skills 
are great, but the job goes to some smoother motherfucker.

Despite being currently unemployed, I've probably interviewed a hundred 
people over the last 15 years and thought I could lead a class next week 
to give people feedback on some mock interviews. 

As such, I'm offering to do some mock interviews, conducted by myself 
and my friend John Cook (or anybody else who wants in).  You could pick 
a job off of craigslist or whatever, write a cover letter as if you were 
applying for that job and we'd do a private 20-30 minute interview and 
write down our impressions.  Afterwards we can talk with you privately 
or in a group to give you pointers on what worked and what didn't, along 
with some tips as to how you can steer an interview your way or avoid 
losing your cool.

Does that appeal to anybody?  Would 5pm on tuesday (10/27) work?  I 
assume we could even start earlier since most interested people would be 
free in the middle of the day.

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