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Christie Dudley longobord at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 23:56:30 UTC 2009

I'm currently employed but in an extremely bad situation.  I would love to
participate in this, but cannot make it before about 8PM on most work days.
Would I be able to participate some other time?

Why I take the road less traveled?  Oh, that's easy.  I'm claustrophobic.

On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 10:49 AM, Lamont Lucas <lamont at cluepon.com> wrote:

> I've overheard and talked with people at noisebridge who are looking for
> work but frustrated by being "out interviewed".  Their resume and skills
> are great, but the job goes to some smoother motherfucker.
> Despite being currently unemployed, I've probably interviewed a hundred
> people over the last 15 years and thought I could lead a class next week
> to give people feedback on some mock interviews.
> As such, I'm offering to do some mock interviews, conducted by myself
> and my friend John Cook (or anybody else who wants in).  You could pick
> a job off of craigslist or whatever, write a cover letter as if you were
> applying for that job and we'd do a private 20-30 minute interview and
> write down our impressions.  Afterwards we can talk with you privately
> or in a group to give you pointers on what worked and what didn't, along
> with some tips as to how you can steer an interview your way or avoid
> losing your cool.
> Does that appeal to anybody?  Would 5pm on tuesday (10/27) work?  I
> assume we could even start earlier since most interested people would be
> free in the middle of the day.
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