[Noisebridge-jobs] Wikimedia Foundation hiring developers (PHP, JS, Unix)

Neil Kandalgaonkar neilk at brevity.org
Thu Feb 25 23:26:33 UTC 2010

Want to work at the foundation which supports Wikipedia, Wikimedia
Commons, and a host of other wonderful projects?

Some stuff you may want to know

   - the #5 website in the USA

   - competitive benefits, salaries

   - SOMA office, convenient to BART

   - fun office with a **tiny** paid development staff

   - very well-connected executives

   - Wikipedia may be mature but there's lots of stuff to do -- we're
just ramping up with some targeted development efforts, and there's more
to come.

   - 100% open source

   - be part of a planetary movement to support free knowledge and open

The current technical jobs are all about supporting our ongoing
fundraising efforts. Do you like money? We should hang out.

There are positions for people who are hard core unix ubergeeks, and
people who have a more frontend-oriented experience, using frameworks in
PHP like Drupal.


You can ignore the thing that says the job search closed on Feb 23 --
but get your resumes in ASAP please.

Neil Kandalgaonkar  |) <neilk at brevity.org>

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