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Repost.  This sounds like an incredibly interesting job, but not quite
better than my current one or I'd apply myself.


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Subject: 	[Shipyard Announce] Job Opp: Manager of Business Systems- GEK
Gasifier, ALL Power Labs
Date: 	Wed, 6 Jan 2010 16:03:25 -0800
From: 	jim mason <jim at allpowerlabs.org>
To: 	Icp <icp at spaceship.com>

GEK Gasifier / ALL Power Labs is in need of someone to manage the show.
 The show is growing big and complicated, and has already outstripped
our abilities to informally coordinate the details.  We now need a
dedicated agent of order to work across the intersecting areas of
communications, sales and office process.

This is a position for a general specialist who likes to make things
happen across a wide range of terrain.  This is a position for someone
who is naturally drawn to the role of coordinator and orchestrator, and
has a broad array of skills to apply to whatever the situation
requires.  In other contexts we might refer to this person as the
production manager, event coordinator, office manager, air traffic
controller, adult supervision, or just simply, Simone.  Here we're
proposing to call it "Manager of Business Systems".

The qualifications for this position are really just being in possession
of a particular personality type and history of acting it out
successfully.  Nonetheless, here are some discrete skills and tasks that
will be important.

- Ability to write and talk exceptionally well.
- Ability to sell things and keep track of the process (in Salesforce)
- Ability to own the customer support process, and make sure no one
falls through the cracks (in Salesforce)
- Ability to do basic bookkeeping and financial reporting (in Quickbooks)
- Naturally enjoy operating the levers of social media. (twitter,
facebook and our site mostly)
- Enjoy interacting with people and find pleasure in solving their problems
- Comfortable with technology in both the physical and virtual worlds
- Comfortable with basic science and can discuss it without embarrassing
- Possess basic digital tech skills so as to maintain the webapps behind
http://www.gekgasifier.com <http://www.gekgasifier.com/> (wordpress,
pbwiki and vbulletin)
- Comfortable in international settings.  About 1/3 of our sales are to
overseas.  Knowledge of foreign languages would be a great extra.

Yes, it is a long list.  Too much really.  But such is the nature of a
position in an early start up-- each person has to do a diversity of
things that will later be broken into multiple positions.  What we're
looking for currently is the person who can join us as a core member of
the endeavor (currently 10 full time), and handle the wide range of
problems and opportunities that come with it.

This is intended as a multi-year commitment and opportunity.  We are not
interested in short term or transitory help.  However, the position will
start as a contract for several months, then convert into a regular
position if we all find the fit is good and all are happy.

Pay is negotiable, and will come with equity in the endeavor once we see
there is a fit.   The opportunity is not small.  Gasification and
biochar will likely become about 20% of our energy solution in the end,
and we're the first out the gate with a viable proposition for
small-scale, mass produced, distributed applications.  We're trying to
make the desktop PC of alt energy.

Those interested should write jim at allpowerlabs.org
<mailto:jim at allpowerlabs.org> with something that addresses the above.

If you are unfamiliar with the GEK Gasifier project, see:
If you are unfamiliar with its parent organization, ALL Power Labs,
here's the details:

ALL Power Labs is an incubator for open source energy experiments and
distributed manufacturing
solutions.  We work to generate physical tools and information resources
for people exploring
alternative energy as an endeavor of DIY innovation and online viral
propagation.  We believe that a
bottom up, participatory ecology is just as possible in energy as it has
been in computing.  And we
expect the consequences of such creative self-determination in energy
will be no less transforming
than they've been in digital realms.

The ALL Power Labs team is an unusual combination of junkyard
fabricators and university trained
scientists and engineers.  Imagine a mash up of Bay Area art/tech DIY
underground with Phd techies
from Stanford and MIT.  The result is a powerful combination of deep
technical ability and actual
know how for building real things in the world.  We are a group not
enamored with designy concepts
and gov't funded demonstration projects, but rather with what can be
effectively built and deployed,
immediately and in volume, with impact and relevance.

The first product ALL Power Labs has brought to market in service of
these goals is the Gasifier
Experimenter's Kit (or GEK).  The GEK is a small scale DIY energy
appliance that enables individuals
to run typical internal combustion engines on "trash" in a GHG negative
manner, through the
gasification of waste biomass, and sequestering the byproducts as
biochar.  In the first year-and-a-half
of production, we've already shipped 150 GEKs to locales on five continents.

Jim Mason
Website: http://www.whatiamupto.com
Current Projects:
  - Gasifier Experimenters Kit (the GEK): http://www.gekgasifier.com
  - Escape from Berkeley alt fuels vehicle race:
www.escapefromberkeley.com <http://www.escapefromberkeley.com>
  - ALL Power Labs on Twitter: http://twitter.com/allpowerlabs
  - Shipyard Announce list:
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