[Noisebridge-jobs] Wanted: a Tech Consultant with strong Sys Admin and MySQL skills (Paid)

maymay bitetheappleback at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 11:13:55 UTC 2010

A UC Berkeley-based news aggregation website is struggling with unexplained system crashes. Efforts to troubleshoot so far have ruled out the simple answers. Problem appears to be related to server architecture and/or database architecture.

We're seeking a skilled, reliable, experienced technical consultant who can work with our team to track down the issues and strengthen our site's foundation. Knowledge of the following tools would be very helpful:

	•  Linux
	•  WordPress
	•  Git

This is a professionally funded consulting opportunity. Please forward this request to qualified candidates in your network. 

Contact: Xiao Qiang (萧强)
xiao at berkeley.edu

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