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The Electrical Engineering Department at Stanford University, is looking
to hire an engineer to lead the
Open Source Networking Hardware effort. This is a full time, staff
position at the university.
Pls. see below for details.

The Stanford NetFPGA team


The Electrical Engineering Department in the School of Engineering at
Stanford University seeks a Senior Engineer whose primary role is to
foster and grow the Open Source Networking Hardware Community. The Open
Source Networking Hardware Project is a key initiative targeted at
creating a massive, open source repository of computer networking
hardware designs so as to enable researchers and students in the
classroom to develop and deploy new ideas in networking hardware. The
program started several years ago, and has been funded by NSF, Xilinx,
Cisco, Google, Juniper, and several other companies. Currently, there
are over 40 designs in the Open Source Networking Hardware repository.
The program is currently focused on three tasks: (1) Building a
worldwide, thriving "open-source hardware" developer community (2)
Building, organizing and deploying an Open Source repository of
Networking Hardware design modules that can be targeted at available
Open Source Networking Hardware platforms like the NetFPGA, Xilinx XUP,
etc. (3) Building a web portal, design repository, build environment and
scripts to encourage user friendly design packaging and contribution,
and (4) Getting the word out and evangelizing the benefits of the
project to users and networking hardware design communities worldwide.

The successful candidate will participate in our efforts on all three
fronts. To this end, he/she will need to perform the following tasks:
• Actively work towards growing the Open Source Networking Hardware user
community globally.
• Define the processes to enable users to seamlessly contribute their
designs into the repository
• Define a design contribution methodology that ensures the quality and
reproducibility of the contributed designs.
• Help create, organize and maintain a repository of designs and modules
contributed by the community at large.
• Support current and new users of the repository.
• Initiate, moderate and encourage community forums and message boards
that encourage user interaction and collaboration
• Regularly survey and gather user feedback related to the project and
implement remediation processes for user identified issues.
• Organize and possibly run tutorials and developer workshops at
Stanford and globally to encourage face to face user interaction and
• Organize an annual Open Source Hardware Community Summer Camp at Stanford.
• Maintain the design flow and tools for design development,
contribution and reuse.
• Oversee the research and development of new designs and contributions
written by students at Stanford.
• Maintain and augment the Open Source Networking Hardware web site and
online presence.
• Work with manufacturers and designers of Open Source Networking
Hardware to ensure that the base platforms are available to users.

The successful candidate must have:

- BS or MS degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science with a
number of years of computer networking experience

- Excellent communication skills and must possess the ability to
interact with and meet the program needs of users worldwide

- A good facilitator with the ability to coordinate the many dimensions
of the program

- Experience building an online presence and a thriving online community
of developers

- Expertise in computer and network system design, and the design of
digital systems .

- Experience with the design of networking equipment, protocols,
software and hardware.

- The ability to work with professors, researchers and engineering
students from different
universities around the world to help and encourage them to use an
open-source networking
repository for research and educational purposes.

- Experience maintaining online resources and experience with online
software development.

Contact: Forward resumes to: ssamband at stanford.edu
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