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Subject: [Shipyard Announce] Temp Job Opp: Wiring Technician needed
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 17:24:53 -0700
From: jim mason <jim at allpowerlabs.org>
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(please fwd to others who might be interested, appropriate, and in the
bay area of SF)

ALL Power Labs / GEK Gasifier is looking for a wiring technician for
some contract assemblies.  This is likely two weeks of full time work,
starting some time this coming week.  Pay is $18/hr.

This is not an engineering position.  It is cutting conduits, pulling
wires, and crimping ends.  The wiring is for the automation assembly
on the GEK biomass gasification system.  See here for more info on
that if unclear:

The complexity is a bit more than house wiring, but about the same as
automotive wiring.  The runs are a combination of 12vdc power, 5vdc
signal, pressure tubes and thermocouple.  We have a formalized, frozen
and documented assembly that now needs to get replicated multiple
times.  The round after this will go to a wiring harness house, but we
aren't quite there yet for this round, thus the need for a wiring

You need to be able to work at an efficient speed, with great
attention to detail, ability to interact with digital documentation,
and be extremely allergic to mistakes.  We want to put you in a room
full of wires, crimp ends, conduits, junction boxes and drawings, and
have you emerge x days later with a collection of done assemblies.

This is a temp need, but might continue afterwards as contract work on
related things should a good fit be found.  You will be working with
Dan Goldwater, Steve Nelson, Bear Kaufmann and Jim Mason on the

If you are interested, please respond to
"manufacturing at allpowerlabs.org", stating your interest,
qualifications and/or questions.

Thank you.


Jim Mason
Website: http://www.whatiamupto.com
Current Projects:
    - Gasifier Experimenters Kit (the GEK): http://www.gekgasifier.com
    - Escape from Berkeley alt fuels vehicle race: 
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