[Noisebridge-jobs] Wanted: Linux Server Admin in SF

Ben Peoples ben at shalleck.com
Tue Dec 6 15:40:18 UTC 2011

Hey folks:


I am looking for a contract Linux Server Admin to provide a quote for
transitioning our Win2k3 Exchange/File server to a Linux based system. 


Our network consists of (8) local windows workstations running Outlook,
which will not be transitioned, as well as several mobile laptops &
remote desktop computers that need to be able to access the server.   


We have about 700GB of flat files on the server that need to be shared
with these workstations as lettered, mapped drives.   We also have a
sizeable public folder tree in Outlook/Exchange that needs to continue
to work in a similar way.    


We're looking to compare upgrading our existing Win2k3 server to a new
windows server with cross-grading to a Linux system.   We have quotes
from our existing contractors for upgrading the windows system, we'd
just like to see what our options are in switching to Linux.






Ben Peoples

The Shalleck Collaborative, Inc.

Tel 412/567-0582

Cell 412/254-4236

ben at shalleck.com <mailto:ben at shalleck.com> 





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