[Noisebridge-jobs] Looking for entry level QA/QC or graphics work

meredith scheff satiredun at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 08:31:38 UTC 2011

Hi Everyone,
My last contract ended and now I'm on the hard-core hunt for more work. I'm
really looking to get some more experience in tech/support. I've done
customer support for tribe.net for the last year.
I am also a illustrator/graphic designer, having done work for lots of
local folks.
Oh, ya, and lots of hardware skills, but they seem to not have many jobs
crop up these days.
Below is my resume- which, also, if you have any comments on how to make it
better, by all means.

Meredith Scheff
Satiredun at gmail.com

San Francisco, CA

Creative producer, Popular Mechanics/RadioShack advertisements
        -Pitched and wrote 10 online video segments for both
popularmechanics.com and radioshack.com
        -designed and built props for massive print campaign seen in
Popular Mechanics, Wired, Make, etc.
        -researched and secured locations for filming, managed site fees
        -lead performer in videos
Designer, 'Dialogues in Motion', MoMa Game Labs
        -Designed and illustrated interactive game in conjunction with MoMa
Game Labs
StarBoards Circuits, Owner/Developer
-Researched and developed new kits and materials
 - Developed and successfully pitched StarBoards to major online
distributor of electronics, SparkFun
        - Ran entire damn business by myself, including shipping, customer
service, development, etc. Working my freakin' butt off.
Steampunkworkshop.com (Writer, 2008-present)
- Contacted and interviewed artists and creators relevant to visitor's
- Created unique content for site visitors
Minted.com    (Design Associate, winter 2010)
        - managed customer queues and QA queues
        - edited existing design templates to customers parameters
The Crucible (Teacher, electronics May '10-Aug. '10-Oakland, ca)
 - Created syllabus to teach electronics to youth ages 7-11 in an
interactive, engaging way
- Co-taught kinetic art to adults
 - Managed assistant teacher and 2 volunteers in youth classes
The Exploratorium (Exhibit tech I, San Francisco, CA, 2008-present)
 - Aided in special exhibit installations
- Assisted in exhibit fabrication and repair

Awards and other:
Granted an Awesome Foundation grant for the Scarf-a-day project
Designer and fabrication lead on multiple Black Rock Arts Foundation grants
Featured by MAKE:Magazine in a series on 'Meet the Makers'

California College of the Arts (Bachelor of Arts, Design/Illustration)

- Mac and PC familiarity
- Adobe Creative Suite
- Traditional creation techniques (painting, printing, etc.)
- General fabrication, metal, textiles and wood; extensive materials
- Basic HTML editing, various blogging platforms (Drupal, Joomla,
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