[Noisebridge-jobs] Radical Designs is hiring a web developer

Micah Lee twopointfour at riseup.net
Tue Feb 22 21:05:04 UTC 2011

Radical Designs is an awesome web development cooperative in SF that
works exclusively for non-profits and activist groups. I'm leaving them
for a job at the EFF and they're looking for my replacement.
Specifically they want a Drupal expert, preferably someone who cares
about social justice.



Radical Designs is looking for that special someone.

Radical Designs makes websites and technology for progressive
non-profits and grassroots organizations. Radical Designs is seeking
someone who blends web technology skills, on-line campaigning and
project management, and who is committed to progressive social change.

The person we are seeking must have some combination of these skills:

- has professional html/css skills and experience
- is very familiar with one or more content-management systems,
preferably Drupal
- has experience programming PHP and javascript
- is a strong communicator with project management skills
- has worked with grassroots organizations, and is directly connected to
social justice or environmental movements
- is working actively as a campaigner using online tools, especially
Democracy In Action, Salesforce, or open source tools

Additional advantageous skills or experience include:
- basic designs skills, competent with photoshop/fireworks or another
digital web design application
- Linux/Apache/Mysql/PHP system administration skills
- programming experience with advanced server-side javascript, node.js,
ruby-on-rails, sinatra or other web frameworks.

We're emphasizing web development skill in this position, with a focus
on experience with the Drupal CMS, but this is a great opportunity for
people with a range of backgrounds, from web programming to organizing,
to work with groups on a variety of campaigns within the progressive
movement. Radical Designs has a strong culture of skill sharing so don't
hesitate to apply because you lack a skill listed above.

Our current company pay cap is 42K, plus health insurance. Flexible
schedules are possible. Women and people of color are strongly
encouraged to apply.

Do you know someone like this? Send them this message and encourage them
to send us a resume via email to info at radicaldesigns.org.


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