[Noisebridge-jobs] [Job] Rails coder to replace me for (very) part time gig

Sai sai at saizai.com
Wed Feb 23 04:18:57 UTC 2011

The reason I first learned Ruby was because I needed to make an app
for Medtronic's International Relations division to do the stuff that
was formerly on spreadsheets.

I can't go into details without NDA, but basically it's all stuff
analogous to customer relationship management, conversation tracking,
proposals / bids tracking, etc. Not all that complicated, and fairly
straightforward for an in-house-needs app. It has a handful of users
(just the department), very simple security model (normal users vs
bossman), a medium sized DB, served off a simple VPS, etc.

It was written mostly in 2005, so it's on an outdated copy of Rails,
and it mostly uses ActiveScaffold plus some custom email handling,
business intelligence, etc. code. The code isn't spaghetti, but as I
said it was my first app, so it's not up to my current standards

I don't have the time for it any more, and honestly I charge a lot
more these days than back then, so I'm looking for someone to replace

- fairly easy, can be done 100% remote w/ hours whenever you like
(office is in DC)
- boss is super easy to work with, very nice, and very senior in the
company = very good for resume & connections
- immediate needs are fairly simple (a few bugfixes; set up reliable
offsite repo & DB backups)
- lots to improve if you want to :-P

- mid level Rails & sysadmin ability
- trustworthy (it's under NDA, but the data involved is sensitive, and
billing remotely means being trusted for honesty)
- probably ~10-20h for initial issues, then ~1-2h/wk ongoing,
depending mainly on how much you feel like improving it (and whether
they'd think it worth your rate)

Interested? Email me:

1. Proof of your Rails and/or sysadmin ability (e.g. code you wrote,
preferably open source)
 - I promise to keep it confidential, not steal it, and only use it for review

2. If I don't know you well, the name of someone we both know who can
vouch for you.

3. Hourly rate range (I know, it *depends*. I'm not going to be doing
the haggling or passing the info on directly, I just want to know if
you're at least in their ballpark)

- Sai

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