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Tue Oct 25 22:29:43 UTC 2011

You'll need to work with remote teams on the opposite side of the globe.
Clear, written communication and being able to follow up on tasks without
being reminded are a must. You need to be able to provide remote engineers
enough detail when describing a problem so they have enough information to
resolve it without further clarification. You also need to be able to
interface with non-technical team members well enough to understand their
issues and communicate resolution.

You'll be expected to share in on-call pager rotation on the order of about
one week per month. This means that we also expect you to be capable of
performing day-to-day Linux system administrator duties. Almost all of our
code is open source and you should be familiar with it.

Required skills include:

* MySQL - In-depth understanding of MySQL installation, configuration,
maintenance and troubleshooting. Knowing the proper way to start replication
on a failed slave in a master/master configuration is an absolute must. Be
prepared to answer many difficult SQL questions.

* Percona - Almost all of our database run Percona. We need a DBA who is
familiar with the features it provides, and the differences in the InnoDB
architecture that come with this software.

* Java - If you know Java, you get serious bonus points. A portion of our
infrastructure is based in Java. Having the ability to help with that will
probably win us over completely.

* Perl - If not Perl, then a comparable language to script common tasks.
Perl is preferred.

* Automation - we have hundreds of machines and dealing with them by hand
just does not scale. Applicants should be familiar with the issues involved
in running and maintaining hundreds of machines, and a defendable preference
for a popular configuration management tool.

* Linux - we run a mix of Debian and CentOS machines. If you have a
preference, tell us why. You should consider yourself near-expert level in
at least some aspect of configuration, performance monitoring, tuning or
package management.

* Networking - be familiar with at least the basic concepts of networking
and routing.

Send your salary requirements, a cover letter, and your resume, letting us
know why you would be a perfect fit to jobs at livejournalinc.com.

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