[Noisebridge-jobs] Need a Programmer for an Art Installation @ YBCA

Surabhi Saraf me at surabhisaraf.net
Sun Aug 26 21:58:46 UTC 2012

Hi there,

We are looking for a programmer, to work on art installation due next month
@ YBCA San Francisco. The installation called Oscillations involves, 3
fans, 4 speakers, 5 lights, where each of these electromechanical objects
are programmed to synchronize with a musical composition. We have a
specific timeline for this project, so we are looking for someone who can
commit to executing this in 2 weeks. Please read the details below to
understand the project:

Outside the installation (see attached image) the viewer reads the
instructions to enter the space and sit on the ottoman facing the small
table fan on the floor. They then close their eyes and keep them closed for
the entire duration of the piece. Once the viewer follows the instructions
and is sitted on the ottoman the following sequence of events need to

   1. 10 secs after the viewer is settled the two rear pedestal fans turn
   ON, 30 secs later the small fan in the front turns ON.
   2. 30 secs later slowly the sound fades in, as the sound gets audibly
   louder, slowly the lights A & E (see attached image) start to fade in and
   from here on they are synchronized to the sound changing patterns etc,
   increasing and decreasing the intensity according to the loudness and the
   textures of the sound. The duration of this phase is about 2 mins.
   3. As the composition approached the end, the fans turn off first, then
   the sound and finally the light. The entire pieces lasts about 3 mins.
   4. Once this is over the viewer gets up and leaves the installation

Please note: The sound will be composed by us and will eventually be a 3
mins track for 4 channel audio, perhaps playing through a Mac Mini.

We are open to suggestions (types of lights, programming, etc) on how the
lights should work. We are aiming to have a dynamic light movement that
will be perceived by the "viewer" with their eyes closed.

We have a small budget for this, and will be able to provide all the
equipments to build the installation. Please let us know if you might be
interested in the project, and write to us ASAP.


Surabhi & Sebastian.

http://surabhisaraf.net/ /// http://foldliveproject.net ///
https://vimeo.com/channels/surabhisaraflive ///
https://www.facebook.com/Saraf.Surabhi ///
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