[Noisebridge-jobs] wanted: assistant for open source project fundraising

James Salsman jsalsman at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 23:30:02 UTC 2012

I'm currently raising $40,000 in crowdfunding for an open source
educational software project which has been endorsed by two Stanford
educational technology authorities. There is an online demo, videos,
and I've begun accepting donations through the project web site.  I
have only just started accepting donations, and the response is
positive so far.

I am looking for assistance with customizing emails to my contacts,
asking them to consider donating, sharing the appeal with others, and
recommending sources of funding. I would monitor the emails which
would go out under my name, and I will directly receive and respond to
any replies.  All you would do is make sure that the salutation and
first paragraph(s) relate correctly and personally to the recipient.
However, this task would likely lead to additional administrative
support and possibly PHP, Perl, JavaScript, and/or ActionScript
hacking work if you are able and willing.

In return I will pay a weekly finder's fee commission percentage. I
have been told that 3% is a generous finders fee for a project such as
this ($1,200 when the goal is reached) but please make an offer if you
wish to be more competitive than other applicants or if think you
should get more. You may work at any pace you like as long as it's at
least a few hours per day.

Please reply with a 3-5 paragraph email to apply, telling me briefly
about your writing experience, indicating that you understand the work
involved, and showing can write a personal appeal well. Please include
your phone number. A resume is optional. Thank you and good luck.

Best regards,
James Salsman
jim at talknicer.com

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