[Noisebridge-jobs] immediate short term C++ (Windows, OpenGL) contract work

camille at camilleutterback.com camille at camilleutterback.com
Tue Jan 24 03:59:06 UTC 2012

Hi, Thanks to Rachel for turning me on to this list! I'm looking for some
immediate short term help as per below.

If you or someone you know is interested, please send an email stating
your availability, qualifications, and contact info to
info at camilleutterback.com

Thanks! -Camille Utterback (www.camilleutterback.com)


*Immediate short-term contract job for C++  (Windows / OpenGL) programmer
(computer vision experience helpful)*

Phase 1 work needs to be completed by Feb. 9
Phase 2 work by March 1

Work required:

Phase 1:
-update an artist’s Windows C++/OpenGL application that currently inputs
live video data using Microsoft Vision SDK (and an analog surveillance
camera), to input firewire camera data using Point Grey FlyCapture SDK:
-add ability to reset camera settings from the application
-resize application’s graphic output from single 1024 x 768 output to
output that will run across three 768 x 1366 screens (stacked

Phase 2:
-add support for 2 camera inputs into a single texture buffer
-add simple interface/settings to crop camera inputs pre-buffer

Project being updated:

Video tracking and graphics processing to stay as is, but the piece needs
to be updated to work with different camera input scenario, and different
size screen output as described above.

Provided by me:
-PC computer configured with firewire and graphics cards, 3 monitors,
firewire cameras, Point Gray SDK, original C++ source code
-desk + workspace if you want to work in my Bayview studio while doing this

Provided by you:
-compiler setup of your choice (I don’t have a current development setup
in place. The original code was compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio
2006. I have install disks for that if you need them to look at the old

hourly or fixed fee, fair market rate

Possibility of additional contract work for upcoming projects if all goes

Please send email stating your availability, qualifications,  and contact
info to info at camilleutterback.com

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