[Noisebridge-jobs] Software Dev/Test coder position

Kristen Taylor kmt_yikes at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 5 20:39:19 UTC 2012

HI,I am hiring for an interesting job in a biotech company doing test engine development (coding) and customer support - probably 60/40 - though the better tester one is, the less support will be required.WIIFY: biotech experience, learn groovy/grails, interesting multi-layered software product that uses many good resume buzz words
1. tester w. experience (some)2. coding skills (java, ruby or other) - we are using groovy/grails3. able to deal respectfully w. peopleĀ 4. work your way thru database tables is a plus
Shoot me an email if you are interested, and I will send you more detailsthanks, Kristen
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