[Noisebridge-jobs] OSX Desktop Support with GNU/Linux and Networking/ computer security Junior level

Christian Fernandez cfernandez at playfirst.com
Mon Jun 11 20:26:21 UTC 2012

sorry to sent this here, but HR keeps sending us people from recruiters and
they really have no clue, we looking for someone that
can think out of the box, a junior hacker type, not afraid to learn and get
their hands dirty with scripting and not afraid of open source
BSD/Linux etc, the focus at the start will be of desktop support but we
want the person to grow into working with me doing network engineering,
and system architecture.

here is the official job desc but like I say above this is put by HR the
candidate we will keep is the one that thinks out of the box and is not a
"yes man" nor "I'll call support guy".


Chris Fernandez
PlayFirst Operations
Migration Team
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