[Noisebridge-jobs] Sifteo is hiring platform engineers

Jeevan Kalanithi jeevan at sifteo.com
Wed Oct 3 20:05:08 UTC 2012


Sifteo (http://sifteo.com) is seeking talented software developers who work
in bleeding edge areas in low-resource virtualization, graphics, code
generation, and more.

And we are building a super awesome product that uses all this stuff: magical
blocks for play <http://sifteo.com>.

(Our system has an SDK, which will be out in a couple days too - you can
follow us @sifteo to get the notice.)




 *You will be working on very advanced, totally new, homegrown software
virtualization technologies,* super efficient graphics systems, code
generation techniques - this is an opportunity to truly learn and test your
computer science and software development abilities. Our product embodies
simplicity but belies some cutting-edge stuff.

We are creating Sifteo cubes, wireless blocks with full color screens that
interact with each other and respond to motion to unleash a whole new world
of games. The technology has been spun out of the MIT Media Lab and has
been *featured in The New York Times, Wired, TED* and more. In our humble
opinion, Sifteo cubes are really awesome. And they delight both kids and


Blog: http://jkal.us

Sifteo Inc.
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