[Noisebridge-jobs] remake social networking - tech startup (mobile developer + others)

Kevin Adler kevin1393 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 00:04:59 UTC 2012

Hi hackers.

You've introduced me to oyster mushrooms. You've taught me about MakerBots.
You've showed me an example of an awesome community.

With a team of four designers and hackers, I'm developing alumn.us to
remake social networking and help people feel more connected with others.
Ties form around shared experiences, rather than between individuals.

We're looking for a *mobile developer* <http://bit.ly/Qg9K2L> to join our
founding team, and seeking the best folks to get involved in other areas as

Noisebridge is one of the strongest communities I've known in SF since my
friend Mitch first introduced me to the space a few years ago. As
alumn.us re-imagines
social networking to be more community-oriented, NB seems like a good place
to start as we build out the rest of our team.

Join .us: http://bit.ly/Qg9K2L (robots encouraged to apply). Cheers!


Kevin F. Adler
ceo // alumn.us <http://blog.alumn.us/>
experience together.

@kevinfadler <https://twitter.com/kevinfadler> // 415.545.8405
Join .us: http://bit.ly/Qg9K2L
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