[Noisebridge-jobs] Sovolve is Looking for Talent

gardner gardner at invulnerable.org
Fri Aug 16 07:14:26 UTC 2013

Dear Noisebridge Denizens,
  Sovolve is accelerating evolution making interpersonal feedback welcome and addicting. The company is pioneering a new business model for startups that is able to avoid VC funding while incentivizing ream members to work for an actual fair share in profits. The company is based in Maui and operates in a live / work setting that enhances collaboration and offers amazing sunsets. The team's current mission is to achieve a K-factor of 1.

If you are up for an adventure and can relocate to Hawaii for 6 months or more then please contact me.

Thank you,

From http://sovolve.com/jobs_openings.php

Front End Developer

Are you an experienced engineer looking for an opportunity to build web and mobile applications that will change the world? Do you like solving problems and seeing your ideas become reality in a supportive environment where collaboration is paramount? Do you dream in code? How does a trip to Hawaii sound? 

We need talented Front End Developers who are experts in HTML5 Apps on iOS/Android, CSS, Java Script Applications (coffeescript), jQuery, API, Backbone, Chaplin, brunch, less, stylus, handlebars, etc. You need to be a team player, comfortable working closely with the designer and integrating code with Back End Developers.

Back End Developer

Are you a database ninja who delights in solving complex problems and scaling like crazy? Are you ready to join a dynamic team where you play a critical role in designing and implementing a new system that will improve people's lives? Are you excited to build a solid-as-a-rock foundation for a web and mobile application in the latest technology? Want to live in a tropical paradise? 

We're looking for kick-ass Back End Developers with top-level experience with MySQL, Riak, PHP, Job Servers, REST, APIs, Message Queues, Linux, Amazon AWS, Amazon ELB, Memcached, etc. You need to be happy working in a team and collaborating.

User Testing and Analytics

Are you a whiz with Google analytics? Do you love digging into systems and figuring out what's working and what's not? Are you excited by the chance to take this information quickly implement new ideas? Do you want work with an awesome team on a mission to create a powerful app that will revolutionize how people relate to each other online and in life? Want to live and work on a tropical island in the South Pacific? 

We're hiring creative thinkers who thrive in a collaborative environment. You will be working with our technical team establishing testing groups and recording and analyzing the results. You need industry knowledge of what tests and testing equipment should be used. We know the importance of the testing cycle and we need you to plan the attack and get real results.

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