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Dave Kritzberg dave.kritzberg at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 23:46:55 UTC 2013

Hello Noisebridge,

We are a small, fast-growing Oakland developers, looking for a
locally-based front end developer as a collaborator on the design of a new
browser-based enterprise application. Our client is a local hospital


   - Work directly with our founders on the front end of the next
   generation of our enterprise software application used for internal
   financial management at a chain of hospitals.
   - Implement elegant, dynamic page designs in Javascript, HTML and CSS.


We are looking for someone with an eye for design, excellent communication
skills, and 1-3 years of software development experience.

Our skills requirements are listed in order of importance:

*Technical Skills

   - Javascript:
   - you are familiar with jQuery and have used it extensively in the past
      - you know how to implement good object design / object isolation
      - you have created AJAX-ified screens and understand the challenges
      of asynchronous calls
   - Design: you really like pretty, usable, simple and elegant interfaces
   (and can create one!)
   - CSS: you can organize styles in a logical manner to avoid redundancy
   and conflicts, and you know how to use the Chrome and IE debuggers
   - Bootstrap: you saw the Bootstrap CSS framework and got excited.
   Experience with it is a plus.
   - jQuery graphing libraries: familiarity with some popular libraries is
   a plus.

*Communication Skills

   - Friendly and easy-going
   - Positive and energetic
   - Can break complex problems and solutions down into simple, human terms

Rate: Hourly $, DOE.
Please fill out our form if you are interested:


Dave Kritzberg
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