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David Abramson david at makeyourselfvisible.com
Sat Mar 9 03:22:09 UTC 2013

Hey, thought people at Noisebridge might be interested in this and wanted
to pass this along :) Hacking video games, activism, and humor!

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Subject: Help Needed: Game Developer/Graphic Designer


Game-developer and/or graphic designer needed to help create online
videogame that challenges Wall St. banks, dirty energy companies, and
telecom giants. Launch is scheduled for the window before Tax Day.

CONCEPT: classic Space Invaders game recreated as “Tax Evaders”.


   - Each level player fights a new fleet of alien ships redone as
   corporate logos: Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, General Electric,
   Verizon, Exxon, Facebook, Google, Apple, etc.
   - Player has to defend the social safety net from austerity (schools,
   hospitals, social security) by blowing the corporations out of the sky
   first. (save grandma!)
   - Interstitials: time and budget permitting, there would be added
   (animated?) content and information between levels (facts about corporate
   tax dodgers? a giant fat head of GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt that must be
   - Fun, dynamic gameplay, graphics and sound (something between Space
   Invaders and Galaga).
   - Playable on-line across multiple formats

 We are looking for a person or team to pull it off with both humor and

DISTRIBUTION: We are working in collaboration with PR firm to launch and
on-line orgs that have hundreds of thousands of members so distribution
will be wide.

BUDGET: 4k total.

TIMELINE: Launch April 1.

- Coder
- Graphic Designer (to make cool stuff like this)
- Sound Designer

If interested, please contact friend of the Yes Lab Gan Golan (
gangolan at gmail.com) with links to some of your work.

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