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Michael Lyons cprmichael at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 23 07:44:19 UTC 2011

I have been actively involved with Noisebridge, continuously for almost 3 years, and generally come by several times a week.

Now I'm interested in learning android programming and don't know how to get started. I was told that it would be streightforward for me, since I studied Java data structures and PL/SQL in the late '90s and am comfortable with object oriented design and coding. I read over your pages in the wiki and confess they make absolutely no sense to me. I feel like a total ludite (though I'm not) because I am totally unfamiliar with the terminology and acronyms used. I am happy to come to your meetings on thursdays, but I thin it would be better if I get some background first, since I am such a raw beginner. Would it be possible to put me in touch with either an online tutorial, a book, or a person which could help me get up to speed? That way, when I come to a meeting I won't have to bore everyone by constantly asking "what does _______ mean?, what does______ mean?"
Thanks a lot,
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